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Tours and guided trip with driver in Italy

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Verona tour with driver - More than just a Taxi service
It features many interesting roman and romanic monuments, beautiful places and palaces,
Juliet's House and the Arena, a roman 2nd century amphitheatre which becomes a wonderful stage
for world famous operas and concerts at summer evenings.
Verona - Piazza Bra e Arena

Vicenza tour with driver : More than just a car rental with driver
Vicenza - Villa la Rotonda It's the town of famous architect Palladio, it will astonish you with its magnificent palaces, the basilica of Piazza Signori and the Old Theatre (teatro Olimpico, the biggest in the world entirely made of wood) in the centre of the town and the Rotonda, situated on the river shore, just outside the city.

Venezia tour with driver : More than just a Taxi service to Venice.
Venice landmarks are Piazza S.Marco and Canal Grande, but taking a walk among its streets called 'calli' is a real experience, and a boat ride on typical so-called 'gondola' is probably something you will remember for all of your life. Venezia - Piazza S. Marco from the sea

Mantova tour with driver
Mantova - Palazzo Te Rich in history and arts, Mantova surprises visitors with unique characteristics, laying in the middle
of a natural particular environment where land and water mix unexpectedly.
Mantova is a town whit excellent gastronomic traditions.

Garda Lake tour with driver :  better than a taxi service
The Garda Lake gives wonderfoul views and small beautilouls villages like Sirmione, Garda, Limone and Riva del Garda. Garda Lake - Castle of Sirmione

Como Lake tour with driver : VIP taxi service
Como Lake - Panorama

If you want to see more than a lake, a tour to Como one will give you full satisfaction.

Gastronomical tours with driver : Enjoy our Minibus with chaffeur
Nearby Verona are producted some of the most famous Italian's wine like Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza e Soave. We organize guided trip to this producer and there you can taste their products.

Dolomiti tour with driver
Dolomiti: when day gives way to evening's first shadows, it casts an enchanting spell. Pink rock faces, like the colour of the legend. Like King Laurin's rose. And in that moment, in harmony between light and dark, nature's rays caress the peaks, needles, towers, bastions and ancient cliffs, kissing them like a dream, awakening emotions that warm both heart and memories.

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